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How does the audition work?
First, one of the given monologues is recited by heart. Then a free choice is performed. At the end there is a discussion with the university judges.
How can I prepare myself?
You can prepare for the audition by learning the monologue by heart and interpreting it independently, i.e. finding a personal attitude to the text.
What can the free choice consist of?
The free choice can be a cinema or theatre monologue, a lyrical text, an excerpt from a novel, a play with a mask, a song, an interpretation with an instrument, dance or acrobatics. It can also be done with a partner if you need someone to help you. It should take two to three minutes.
How long does the audition take?
The audition lasts no longer than 30 minutes.
Who is on the decision panel?
The jury consists of a professor and a lecturer from Cours Florent.
May I be accompanied?
The audition will only take place with the judges, but your companion is welcome to wait for you in an another room.
When will I know if I have been successful?
We will let you know no later than one week after the audition whether your audition was successful.
How often can I participate?
You can take part once a year. There is also the opportunity to take part in an acting workshop.
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