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Acting Q & A session (free)
Acting Q & A session (free)



Join our free online session to meet our professors and find out information about our Acting (B.A.) in Berlin.

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Acting workshop (6 days)
6-day Acting Workshop & Audition


● 11 Mar - 16 Mar 2024
● 22 Apr - 27 Apr 2024
● 27 May - 01 Jun 2024
● 29 Jul - 03 Aug 2024
● 26 Aug - 31 Aug 2024

Join us for an exciting 6-day Acting workshop in Berlin and audition for a place on our Acting (B.A.).

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All interested people with or without previous knowledge can take part in our workshops and courses. Participants have the opportunity to find out their talent in creative exercises, ask questions about our Acting (B.A.) and get personal feedback from professors at Cours Florent.

If you would like to study Acting at Cours Florent in Berlin, you can learn more about the content and benefits of the course and get free information about the Acting (B.A.) programme.

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Free Acting Workshops

Parallel to the well-known TalentCamps of Macromedia University, our short acting workshops are held online and at the Cours Florent campus in Berlin. Participation is free and interested persons with and without previous knowledge can playfully find out their talent in simple warm-up exercises and small scenes.

Professionals from the acting industry - canteen talk with Malte Ubenauf

Every month our acting students invite well-known artists from theater and film to so-called "canteen talks" at the Berlin campus. Malte Ubenauf was our guest at the first canteen talk on 8 october. He has worked as a dramaturge for many years with Christoph Marthaler and Anna Viebrock. Malte worked as a director, before moving in 2003 as a dramaturge to Christoph Marthaler at the Zurich Schauspielhaus. Since 2005 he has worked mainly as a freelance acting and music theater dramaturg. The specialty of the productions from Christoph Marthaler is that little to no speech is spoken and body language has a strong meaning. In Marthalers ensemble actors, dancers and singers are included.

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Macromedia has appointed German actor Heiner Lauterbach as honorary professor

On May 27th Macromedia University has appointed German actor Heiner Lauterbach as honorary professor of drama, film and television. University President Prof. Dr. Jürgen Faust hands over the certificate of appointment, Prof. Wolfram Winter holds the laudatory speech. On the following day, Lauterbach gave his first acting workshop at the Macromedia Campus in Kreuzberg.

Heiner Lauterbach supports the approach of the new study programme: "The profession of the actor is by no means limited to classical acting engagements. I can only encourage young colleagues to develop their desire for diversity and interdisciplinarity and to confidently take their own marketing into their own hands. That's why I support the new Macromedia study programme, which teaches important skills beyond the acting itself."

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