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Fulfil your dream of studying acting

Become an actor or actress B.A.

Do you want to study acting but don’t want to miss out on a real degree? At Cours Florent, you will gain acting experience and earn the recognised degree Bachelor of Arts at the same time.

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Establish valuable contacts

During your acting studies at Cours Florent, you will make many invaluable contacts in the creative, media and theatre scene. This is because you work closely with directors, drama experts and casters.
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Solid career base

By studying acting at Cours Florent, you will lay the foundation for your career. You will study theatre and film studies, gain a lot of practical experience and hone your profile as a professional actor.
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The best of two worlds

At the Cours Florent, you can expect a practice-oriented acting course that will introduce you to all facets of this versatile, creative dream job. You will learn how professional actors and actresses behave on stage and in front of the camera, how they choose their roles and how they prepare for them. At the same time, you will study the theoretical foundations of theatre, film and media studies and, on completion of your studies, you will acquire the internationally recognised academic degree Bachelor of Arts. This will open up a wide range of career prospects for you both in front of and behind the scenes of film and theatre productions.

Maximum practice from the start

Practical work is always at the centre of your acting studies at Cours Florent. You will work on breathing techniques, voice training and singing and learn the various acting methods. You will be taught by experienced professionals who have already worked on numerous film, television and theatre productions. At the filming workshop and in various internal university projects, you will put what you have learnt into practice and develop as an actor. The practical semester, which you spend on a film set or on location at a theatre, for example, also plays an important role.

Benefit from our network

The acting degree programme is a cooperation between the renowned French acting school Cours Florent and Macromedia University of Applied Sciences. It is one of the leading German private universities for vocational degree programmes in media, journalism, management and film. This results in great synergies for you. Macromedia University has a broad network of partners and works with many well-known companies from the entertainment industry. You will have the opportunity to establish contacts with TV and radio stations, production companies and theatres and thus build up your own network. After all, to be successful as an actor, contacts with directors, editors and drama experts are essential.
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