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Course content

The teaching plan for the theatre aspect of the workshop includes exercises aimed at building self-confidence and training in breathing, vocal techniques and physical body-techniques. We will work with you on various kinds of scenes (prospective classic, modern and contemporary theatre). You will learn how to authentically act out dramatic texts. We will teach you how to develop your imagination, while strengthening your concentration and observational skills.
The teaching plan for the Film aspect of the workshop includes an introduction to the language of film and the requirements specific to film as a genre. The aim is for you to discover yourself on the big screen and develop your imagination. We will familiarise you with working on roles based on a film script, covering dialogue, emotion and the relationship with your on-screen partner. We will also give you an impression of the challenge to perform in a casting situation. All the exercises involved are aimed at developing and strengthening your powers of expression, presence, concentration and observational skills.

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