Acting workshop in Berlin

Cours Florent is running 6-day acting courses in German during summer 2019. These are designed for aspiring actors, with or without previous experience, offering participants the chance to try their hand at the two genres of theatre and film.

The final day includes a prepared audition with one of the lecturers. Participants will be given personal feedback on their performance and a certificate of participation by Cours Florent. Success in this workshop already secures your admission to the B.A. in Acting, also waiving the EUR 500 registration fee for the degree programme.

The German actor Daniel Brockhaus led the acting workshops 19-24 August and 9-14 September 2019.
New appointments for our next workshops will be announced shortly.


The teaching plan for the theatre aspect of the workshop includes exercises aimed at building self-confidence and training in breathing, vocal techniques and physical body-techniques. We will work with you on various kinds of scenes (prospective classic, modern and contemporary theatre). You will learn how to authentically act out dramatic texts. We will teach you how to develop your imagination, while strengthening your concentration and observational skills. The exercises/training sessions and interpretation work are conducted using the “Cours Florent” method.
study acting in berlin
acting study berlin
The teaching plan for the Film aspect of the workshop includes an introduction to the language of film and the requirements specific to film as a genre. The aim is for you to discover yourself on the big screen and develop your imagination. We will familiarise you with working on roles based on a film script, covering dialogue, emotion and the relationship with your on-screen partner. We will also give you an impression of the challenge to perform in a casting situation. All the exercises involved are aimed at developing and strengthening your powers of expression, presence, concentration and observational skills. The exercises/training sessions and interpretation work are conducted using the “Cours Florent” method.
Cours Floren 100% guarantee Cours Florent

100% satisfaction guaranteed

You are bound to get a buzz from our acting workshops. However, should you not be delighted by the experience, rest assured that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In practice, this means you can quickly and easily cancel your place at the end of day one and receive a full refund. After all, our goal is to satisfy– and, we hope, even to exceed– your expectations.

What should you bring with you?

There is no dress code. However, it makes good sense to wear light, comfortable clothing that you can move and act freely in. Make sure that you also bring a pullover and warm socks. You are welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks in case you need an energy boost during sessions. At break times, you can visit any of the cafés and restaurants around the Macromedia campus. 

Programme for the week 

The schedule for the week, including the times and topics for sessions and details of your personal tutor will be announced in due course.
We look forward to hearing from you. A bientôt.

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