Insights and students

The first class Acting (B.A.) started with 14 students at the campus in Berlin in wintersemester 2019. Our young prospective actors learn in modules like for example Scene work and practice, breathing techniques and vocal training, film acting and theatre bodywork. So they get the right basics to play all the differents roles and characters in the actors profession later on. Here we give you exclusive insights in the acting lesson at Cours Florent in Berlin.
Insights acting study
Bachelor study Acting Berlin
In the acting study our professors teach students to develop their self-assured presence on stage and in front of the camera, techniques such as Meisner and Alexander as well as the know how about self-marketing.

At Cours Florent students develop their individual talent. We train our students in a broad spectrum of disciplines,enabling them to fulfil all manners of contemporary acting requirements in theatre, film, TV and radio.