Insights and students

The first class Acting (B.A.) started with 14 students at the campus in Berlin in October 2019. We are now looking forward to 36 new motivated students in the second class in 2020.

Our young prospective actors learn in modules like for example scene work and practice, breathing techniques and vocal training and theatre bodywork. So they get the right basics to play all the different roles and characters in the actors profession later on. Here we give you some insights in the acting lesson at Cours Florent in Berlin. The next acting class starts in October 2021.

Insights acting study
Our professors teach and educate our students with the aim that our young actors and actresses can integrate the expertise and compentences in the following segments: theatre, film and television, digital media and new performing arts formats.

Students at Cours Florent Berlin

Started 2020 - Acting B.A.

Raquel Acharya Raquel Acharya
Mitra Adib-Moghaddam Mitra Adib-Moghaddam
Lukas Blaukovitsch Lukas Blaukovitsch
Zozan Comak Zozan Comak
Elie Feller Elie Feller
Marcel Geiger Marcel Geiger
Patrice Grimm Patrice Grimm
Jimena Guerrero Archila Jimena Guerrero Archila
Efe Günendi Efe Günendi
Gunnbjörn Gunnarsson Gunnbjörn Gunnarsson
Dinara Guseynova Dinara Guseynova
Niklas Hansen Niklas Hansen
Celina Jönßon Celina Jönßon
Lina Kaldenbach Lina Kaldenbach
Yousuf Khan Yousuf Khan
Franzisca Kussmaul Franzisca Kussmaul
Carla Latz Carla Latz
Tuukka Leijavuori Tuukka Leijavuori
Melina Mertens Melina Mertens
Jasmina Michel Jasmina Michel
Sankshipta Mohanty Sankshipta Mohanty
Miranda Müller Miranda Müller
Gregor Nield Gregor Nield
Vladimir Novak Vladimir Novak
Julie Marie O Snyers d'Attenhoven Julie Marie O Snyers d'Attenhoven
Monika Petruschin Monika Petruschin
Bianca Radoslav Bianca Radoslav
Franziska Steigleder Franziska Steigleder
Samina Syed Samina Syed
Megan Thanheiser Megan Thanheiser
Daniel Traub Daniel Traub
Constantinos Zachos Adraktas Rentis Constantinos Zachos Adraktas Rentis
Vanessa Zivcak Vanessa Zivcak

Started 2019 - Acting B.A.

Jasmin Dittrich Jasmin Dittrich
Joscha Dittrich Joscha Dittrich
Pia Döller Pia Döller
Jonas Fässler Jonas Fässler
Nathan Jaspart Nathan Jaspart
Heather Kenyon Heather Kenyon
Mathis Li Mathis Li
Rim Mekkaoui Rim Mekkaoui
Valerie Musolesi Valerie Musolesi
Pauline Schultheiss Pauline Schultheiss
Nicki Trümper Nicki Trümper
Mischa Wanker Mischa Wanker
Luca Wefes Luca Wefes
Ariella Weigl Ariella Weigl