New in Berlin – Acting B.A.

Your role – to become a 21st-century actor

Forging an international career as a thoroughly self-sufficient 21st-century actor requires future-focused training that combines traditional and state-of-the-art techniques, thereby laying a solid foundation for a varied and diverse career path in acting.

This secure grounding is exactly what Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, in conjunction with Cours Florent, one of France’s most prestigious theatre schools, provides with the state-approved Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Acting. The Acting B.A. is accredited. The illustrious alumni of Cours Florent in Paris include world-famous actors Sophie Marceau, Diane Kruger, Audrey Tautou, Pierre Niney and Guillaume Canet. Cours Florent is already set to welcome the first group  of students in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin in autumn 2019. Potential applicants can choose between studying in English or German. Apply now.

The Acting B.A. combines the learning of the art of acting with theatrical studies, providing foundation training for actors in theatre, film, television and radio. Whether you have a higher school leaving certificate or not, we will nurture your talent and bring out your creative personality. Our highly trained professors will teach you the core knowledge and techniques, such as Meisner and Alexander, that will prepare you to become a well-rounded 21st-century actor and equip you to meet evolving requirements in the acting industry.
Macromedia has appointed German actor Heiner Lauterbach as honorary professor

On May 27th Macromedia University has appointed German actor Heiner Lauterbach as honorary professor of drama, film and television. University President Prof. Dr. Jürgen Faust hands over the certificate of appointment, Prof. Wolfram Winter holds the laudatory speech. On the following day, Lauterbach gave his first acting workshop at the Macromedia Campus in Kreuzberg.

Heiner Lauterbach supports the approach of the new study programme: "The profession of the actor is by no means limited to classical acting engagements. I can only encourage young colleagues to develop their desire for diversity and interdisciplinarity and to confidently take their own marketing into their own hands. That's why I support the new Macromedia study programme, which teaches important skills beyond the acting itself."
Schauspiel studieren
Theory and practice of acting – internship at Cours Florent in Paris

You have already a professional training in acting or practical experience? Then you have the best requirements for our study and possibly you get credits for your practical experience.

Actors nowadays require independent skills in carefully planning their career, marketing themselves, managing projects and networking. This means that entrepreneurship is no longer considered a bonus, but rather the basis of any acting career. An intensive practical stage is included towards the end of the programme that builds upon the links to the industry which you will start establishing from an early stage in your studies. A practical module in the fifth semester and the internship in the sixth thoroughly prepare graduates for auditions and castings. The 7-semester Acting B.A. offers the unique (optional) opportunity to complete an internship at the Cours Florent in Paris during the 6th semester. Our highly trained professors will provide you with individual support throughout your entire studies.
Schauspiel studieren
The best of both worlds – acting and academic studies

This bachelor’s programme secures you the best of both worlds:

State-approved training as an actor provided by the renowned Cours Florent in conjunction with the private Macromedia University, one of the leading universities in Germany to offer vocational courses in management, media, journalism, music, film, art and design. This collaboration between one of France’s most successful theatre schools and the unique academic profile of Macromedia has created a curriculum that combines the artistic, practical and theoretical aspects of this field. In other words, everything a good actor requires.