Admission requirements for Cours Florent courses

  1. Organiser 
    1. These courses form part of the collaboration between Cours Florent (Paris) and Macromedia University.
    2. They are run by Macromedia University.
    3. These admission requirements apply to all courses run by this organiser.
  2. Admission criteria 
    1. These courses are suitable for anyone wishing to work on their personal development, keen to find out more about themselves or explore their scope for communicating, or interested in acting and wishing to test their talent. 
  3. Application process/conducting the course 
    1. Applications for this course are submitted online and are binding in nature. Binding confirmation of acceptance constitutes entry into a contract. Places cannot be transferred to third parties.
    2. The lesson plan is issued to participants at the start of the course.
    3. A minimum number of students is required for the course to take place. If this threshold is not met, the organiser can cancel the course up to two weeks before the start date.
    4. If the organiser cancels the course, admission fees will be refunded. 
  4. Terms of payment 
    1. The rate of tuition fees is stipulated in the course information (online).
    2. Payment is due upon registration for the course and must be made online.
    3. Tuition fees do not include accommodation or catering costs. 
  5. Participant withdrawal 
    1. The organiser voluntarily offers participants the right to cancel. Participants can cancel in writing (e.g. letter, fax, email) within 14 days of registering for the course, without the need to cite any reason. Any such cancellation must simply be submitted within the stipulated time frame. Notice of cancellation must be sent to: Macromedia University, Macromedia GmbH, Sandstr. 9, 80335 Munich, Germany.
    2. Cancellation in compliance with the stipulated criteria qualifies for full reimbursement of any admission fees paid.
    3. In addition, an exceptional opportunity to withdraw is offered at the end of the first day of the course as part of our satisfaction guarantee. In this case, any admission fees (= tuition fees) that have already been paid will be reimbursed in full.
  6. Certificate of participation 
    1. Certificates of participation are issued on the final day of the course, subject to the participant having successfully completed the course. 
  7. Liability 
    1. There is no liability insurance for participating in these courses. The university assumes no responsibility for any accidents that might occur during the course, travelling to and from Macromedia University, or the theft or loss of / damage to any objects.
  8. Data protection 
    1. By participating in courses, you declare your agreement to your address, telephone number and email address being collected and stored for administrative purposes related to these courses.
    2. Data protection is upheld.
    3. The stored data is used solely by the organiser for running and managing the course. 
  9. House rules 
    1. Participants must adhere to the house rules for the campus they are attending.